Universidad de Zaragoza CSIC
Publication Date:  17/03/2016

Cartel informativo

Development of novel chemical process using solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)

In collaboration with: Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón, ICMA (Prof. Víctor M. Orera group) and Instituto de Tecnología Química, ITQ, Center of Excellence “Severo Ochoa”. Valencia (Prof. José M. Serra group).

Type of contract: Predoctoral Contract Program “la Caixa”-Severo Ochoa 2016.

Deadline: 18th April (contact as soon as possible)

Requirements: BSc or MSc in Science (Chemistry preferably) or Chemical Engineering. Minimum required Marks: (2 normalized to 4)

Contact person: Dr. Miguel A. Laguna (malaguna@unizar.es).

Call: http://itq.upv-csic.es/oferta/programa-de-contratos-predoctorales-la-caixa-severo-ochoa-2016
Additional info: http://www.unizar.es/icma/depart/laser/laser.htm?menu=mcpf