Universidad de Zaragoza CSIC

Lab. 7100bis 3ª Planta - Sala de Grados 13/01/2017  10:00h.


Chris Lamaison

Cambridge Reactor Design


10:00 a.m. Laboratory trial
7100bis lab. 3rd floor D building


12:00 a.m. Conference
Sala de Grados


Crystallization from solution is a fundamental technique in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry, as well as in chemical and material science research. In this process, temperature can be a critical variable. It changes solubility and supersaturation of the sample, modifying nucleation and crystal growth. Therefore the temperature control and manipulation may allow screening and optimization of crystallization mechanisms.

In this context, Polar Bear crystallizer will be presented as a valuable tool. It delivers accurate (±0.1 °C) temperature ramps from +150°C to -40 °C with real time monitoring. No solvent or chiller is needed. Practical applications in salt, polymorph and solvent screening; nano-material and material research; cocrystal growing and polymorphic stability will be presented.


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