Universidad de Zaragoza CSIC



The Thermal Analysis Service comprises a range of techniques to analise thermal behavior of materials, studying the changes in a material property as a function of the temperature, either on heating/cooling cycle or isothermally, when measuring in a controlled atmosphere.

The service provides the following techniques:

  • Thermogravimetry (TGA) to monitor the sample mass and tempeature.
  • Differential thermal Analysis (DTA) to monitor the heat flow.
  • Thermal conductivity measurements.


  1. ImagenSATTGA Q5000 (TA Instruments) - allows working under nitrogen or air controlled atmosphere and can reach 1000ºC.
  2. Simultaneous DTA-TGA unit Q600 (TA Instruments) - works under nitrogen or air controlled atmosphere and reaches a maximum temperature of 1500ºC.

  3. Simultaneous DTA-TGA  unit SDT-2960 (TA Instruments) - reaches a maximum temperature of 1000ºC and works under nitrogen or air controlled atmosphere.

  4. Heat flow DSC Q20 (TA Instruments) - temperature range between -70ºC and 400ºC.

  5. Heat flow DSC Q2000 (TA Instruments) - working temperature range between -70ºC and 400ºC that allows MDSC temperature modulation experiments and heat capacicty determination.
  6. Heat flow DSC Q1000 (TA Instruments) - working temperature range between -180ºC and 150ºC that allows MDSC temperature modulation experiments and heat capacity determination.

  7. Thermal conductivity measuring unit TCi (C-THERM Technologies).


  • Thermal stability analysis of materials.

  • Study of decomposition and oxidation of matter.

  • Determination of humidity and volatiles.

  • Purity analysis of materials.
 Determination of glass transition, fusion, crystallisation and curing temperatures.

  • Study of curing kinetics.

  • Determination of fusion and crystallisation enthalpies.

  • Determination of photopolymerisation enthalpies.

  • Determination of heat capacities.

  • Thermal conductivity measurements of powders, liquids, foams, polymers, ceramics and metals.


Polymer, pharmaceutical, ceramics, liquid crystal industries, amongst others.